5 Iconic animals of India

India is one of the well-known countries in the world. They are recognized through their culture, entertainment value, festivals, visual arts, literature, and history. One of the most visited tourist spots is the Taj Mahal. It was recognized as one of the UNESCO’s world heritage site. India’s culture is a mix of faith and beliefs through practicing Hinduism.

Let us know more of these animals that make a big impact on the rich culture of India:


First, the cow is treated as the holiest and the most divine animal. It is commonly praised and worshiped by Indians. If cows are killed and slaughtered, it is prohibited in this country. Devi, a goddess, was referred as the cow and taken from the verses of Rigveda. She was identified by Aditi herself who is the mother of the gods. The ancient scriptures called the Vedic speak about being a vegetarian and prohibit eating meat.

The line says “There is no sin in eating meat but abstention brings great rewards.” Cows are a symbol for ahimsa or non-violence and bring wealth and good fortune. Feeding them is an act of worship. In their society, it is a taboo to eat beef.


Another animal which treats to be iconic to Indian culture is the monkey. It is in the form of Bajrang Bali or God Hanuman who is the god of power and strength. Temples in India composed of thousands of monkey. Examples are called Durga Temple Varanasi and the Monkey Temple Gala.


Snakes are also treated as sacred animals in India. Old cultures in India worshiped serpent goddess. Lord Shiva wears Indian Cobra or Nag snake as a decoration around his neck.


The elephant is also a part of Hindu culture and the means of transportation of Indra and Shri Ganesh who was called as the elephant-headed God and deity of education and success which most Indians praise.

Elephants are usually trainable and the most loved animal in India. They are one of the most respected animals yet they are facing extinction on their species. A royal elephant symbolizes good luck.


Lastly, Tigers are one of the holy animals in India. The national symbol of this country is the Royal Bengal Tiger. Tigers are protected and treated as endangered. Due to its rarity, they are placed in sanctuaries. Through this, it will become a tourist attraction and adds the economic growth for the slums area in India.

These 5 iconic animals have different symbols and make them advantageous to Indians. We must respect their beliefs and practices on their culture.