Do You need a visa to go to Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka has witnessed mass spikes in the number of tourists visiting the country annually. The country has rapidly emerged as a dominant tourism hub in the Asia-Pacific due to its golden chain of beaches along the coastline, rare wildlife, ethereal landscapes and a mixture of a rich culture and history. In the wake of a booming economy, the country equally welcomes scores of investors and expatriates.

Do you need a visa to go to Sri Lanka?

The answer is a big YES. Sri Lanka’s immigration department has adopted stringent policies aimed at foreigners. You must acquire a passport legitimate for six months. Visitors from Afghanistan, Somalia, Iran, Syria, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Iran must purchase en route tickets for back or onward flights. However, nationals of the Republic of Singapore, the Republic of Seychelles and The Republic of Maldives are exempted from obtaining a VISA on a reciprocal treaty with Sri Lanka.

Though you can get a VISA upon arrival, you need to receive it before your journey kicks off to save time and money. Sri Lankan Tourist ETA VISAs If you hit Sri Lanka as a tourist, you have to get an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) for legal entry.

The ETA is an official permit issued electronically for a brief visit to the country with the validity of three months and double admission of a maximum of 30 days. Travelers on business deployment must obtain an ETA from Sri Lankan embassies or at the Department of Immigration and Emigration. As a traveler, you can apply for the Sri Lanka visa to cut the red tape on your way in at the port.

How Does the ETA Work?

If you travel for a holiday expedition, a brief business tour or use a port as a passage to external destinations, you will need an ETA before arriving in Sri Lanka. Download the ETA Application Form online and submit it at the port of entry in Sri Lanka, via third party agencies, at Overseas Missions or the head office of the DI&E (Department of Immigration and Emigration), Colombo.

To go to Sri Lanka, you must carry the original, stamped and sealed passport valid for six months. The Sri Lankan ETA permit is issued in electronic form and does not fall within the hardcopy passport.

What else do you need besides a VISA?

Tourists should hold a verified onward and return airline or travel document submitted at the point of entry into the country. You must adduce evidence of enough money to fend for yourself during the visit, for instance, a credit card. You should also annex a copy of the key details page of the VISA.