Hidden Waterfalls in Myanmar

Hidden Waterfalls in Myanmar If lush green rainforests and a constant cooling wind accompanied by a slight drizzle are your things, there are few places on this planet as breathtakingly beautiful as Myanmar. And arguably the most wonderful part of Myanmar are its waterfalls. While the popular ones are also beautiful, it is those hidden Waterfalls amidst dense jungles that truly take your breath away.

Here are the best among them:

1. Zin Kyaik waterfall

Zin-Kayak Waterfall is located near the main road and rail line of Yangon-Dawei, ahead of Kyaik Hto Mawlamyine road in Mon state, Myanmar. This panoramic waterfall gives a bird’s eye view of the village, replete with the Zin Kyaik monastery next to the plunge of the fall. It is a can’t – miss.

2. Dee Doke Waterfalls

Located in Pyin Oo Lwin, it takes about 2 hours by motorbike along the Mandalay-Lashio main road. This ethereal fall consists of a spherical sedimentary rock under which a tiny stream passes, leading to a striking blue pool, with mildly pleasing rays of the sun lighting its base.

3. Anisakan Waterfalls

At a sprawling 120m height (more than twice the 50m height of Victoria Falls), the Anisakan Falls are an awe-inspiring sight. It is said in local Buddhist folklore that the mere sight of the fall brings a humbling revelation of one’s insignificance in the universe. A trip to these falls is usually combined with a trio to the Dee Doke Waterfalls.

4. Pwe Kauk Waterfalls

These are a small, picturesque waterfalls located close to Pyin Oo Lwin, is a 20-minute drive out of town along the Mandalay-Lashio main road in the Hsipaw direction. Though not as mighty as the Anisakan Falls, they’re definitely more accessible. They also double as a romantic picnic spot, along with a small playground and merry go round for the kids. Ideal to visit to kill a couple of hours.

5. Pin Tauk waterfall

Ideal for the ‘no pain, no gain’ people amidst us. The trip consists of a steep trek in the hot dirt to the Akha village, inhabited by a centuries old hill-tribe. The rushing water is heard from quite a distance, and after a short climb, a small detour is taken from the main road to reach the cool area. Perched on massive rocks below the waterfall and beside the burbling stream is a sight second to none. It is ideal as a picnic spot for a group of people, though taking children isn’t recommended keeping in mind the trekking distance.

All in all, the unbeknownst paradise that is Myanmar surely hosts a plethora of hidden waterfalls which are among the tallest and most picturesque in the world, and which you definitely shouldn’t miss should you choose to visit the country.