How do I apply for a Canadian visa?

Canada is a wonderful country to visit. It has a lot of the attractions. Thousands of tourist visits Canada every year. Canada is a country of astonishing landscapes and cosmopolitan cities. The question here is that how do I apply for eTA Canada. If you want to visit Canada, you need to be well known about the terms and conditions of visa policies in this country.

There are different types of visa to enter Canada and these are listed and explained below:

  • Travel visa: If you are fond of traveling and you want to visit Canada for tourism. You will have to acquire the travel based visa. This visa will allow you to be here till the time described on it and to move around to surf the wonders of this country. With that, to get yourself relaxed and amused. You will have to prove that you have a number of funds on which you can sponsor your visit to Canada.
  • Student visa: Many of the students around the world want to go the countries like Canada and the US for studying purpose. Canada allows the students to come and study from all around the world. All you have to do is to apply for the admission in any university or college in Canada, and if the particular institution allows you to come and study with them, then you have to be eligible to fulfill all the legal and academic requirements to get admission. You need to prove them that you are seriously coming to study only and for that; you have to submit a bank statement of your assets as a proof. On that behalf, Canada will allow you come and study in their country hopefully.
  • Work visa/permit: Work visa for Canada is another form of visas which can take you to this country. The first option to get the work visa of Canada; you have to apply for the available vacancies online or through any other sources and if the authorized company of Canada wants you to come and work for them, then they can offer you a working visa and you can avail this opportunity. There is another option to go to Canada on work permit issued by the government; you have to apply online for the acquiring of work visa permit and if your credentials satisfy the Canadian government, they will issue the work visa permit for you.

Tourists from all around the world visit Canada every year in big numbers. If we take an example of United Kingdom only; more than seven hundred thousand tourists visit Canada every year from Britain only. Now you can imagine the numbers of total tourists visit Canada every year. Other than tourists, millions of people are applying for student and work visas of Canada annually. Canada is economically a very stable country.

Canada keeps on changing their travel policies for the visitors, so it is very important to consult your travel agent about the Canadian visa before you plan your trip. Canada has several security checks which can point out if anyone is traveling illegally. So it is better to contact Canadian High Commission if you have any doubts to clear.