Requirements for eTA visa to India

India is often termed as the epitome of the world, and quite rightly so! It has almost all of the natural beauties that the whole world has! It has the extensive coastlines, the highest of the mountain ranges, the lakes and fountains, the hot springs and valleys, the gorges as well as the waterfalls! It is thus natural that many tourists keep knocking the doors of the Indian Missions across the world in search of visas.

Reasons to travel to India

It is not only about travel though! The booming Indian economy is also a great reason for that. It is the third largest Asian economy by sheer size and among the fastest growing in the world of today. Its growth is set to cross that of China, the fastest growing major economy in the world, by 2016.

That is why a large number of businessmen also want to visit India for a recce about possible business transactions in her.The presence of a large number of Indian migrants also helps the course, as they keep on growing the interest for business among the entrepreneurs a lot! That is why the craze for India ETA visa is constantly on the rise over the last few years!

Requirements for ETA visa to India

The criteria for eligibility to an ETA visa to India ( ) are given on the official webpage of the Ministry of Home Affairs  Government of India. It states a few easy and simple criteria as guidelines for tourists seeking India ETA visa.

At the first place is the cause of the visit. It must be for sightseeing, recreation or visit to relatives and friends. It can also be for short term medical treatments and casual business visits often used for the recce. But it is not open for diplomatic passport holders or for people endorsed by parent’s or spouse’s passport. The latter simply means that one has to have an individual separate passport for availing this facility.

Moreover, there are a few other important points too! One is that the passport must have at least six more months to expire from the date of arrival in India. Requirements for eTA visa to India also asks for a copy of the return or onward journey plus a proof of the individual having enough money for stay during the duration in India.

The biggest advantage is ETA visa is that it is fast and gets you out of the long queues that one has to stand for in the Indian Missions for regular visas.