The most overlooked sight in Sri Lanka

When you plan a trip or just think about traveling, you think of well-known places because you know they are well known. Now, they might be beautiful and all but sometimes the majority percentage of travelers have no idea about the hidden gems.

The Indian Sub-continent is arguably one of the most beautiful places on Earth. You can find everything there from plains and highlands to beaches and forests. Sri Lanka is a must visit when planning a trip around the Indian subcontinent

It is the embodiment of the very beautiful place area because of it’s diverse landscapes. From forests to sandy beaches, the natural beauty is endless there.

Pack Up For Sri Lanka

When visiting Sri Lanka most people go for the popular places recommended by their friends or just people from forums on the internet. Visiting Sigiriya is obviously on your list! And of course you can’t go Sri Lanka without going to Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, the elephants are too cute.

Well, there’s more to Sri Lanka than that. We can’t really say that this sight is more beautiful than the rest of Sri Lanka but you need to see it.

Introducing Haputale

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Haputale one of the most overlooked sights in Sri Lanka. Clinging on a mountain ridge, Haputale overlooks the south coast. Famous for the mists during over its hillsides, it is arguably one of the most beautiful places in Asia. It’s truly a spectacle watching the Tamil town come alive every morning.

Heaven On Earth

The peace and quiet during dawn and the view. Oh, the view! The green hills, the mists casually arresting all of your attention and at night when everything falls quiet you can observe the Hambantota Lighthouse and the halo of its light from afar. As the town wakes up, three-wheelers start moving and the traffic becomes alive.

Shops in the bazaar open their businesses and prepare for the day. Chattering becomes louder as kids running around shout and laugh and men discuss cricket matches with mixed emotions.

Your Bucket list For Haputale

The nineteenth-century engineering still shows remnants of the country’s past with the British. Amidst the central highlands, perched on a ridge you’ll notice a certain railway track which seems to be clinging on a ridge for dear life. Lipton’s cliff offers a spectacular view(on clear days of course) of practically everything beyond where you stand. It is said that this was where Thomas Lipton looked at his big empire of tea.

The Dilyluma or “liquid light” are the second highest waterfalls in all of Sri Lanka. With an impressive height of 220 meters, this is quite the view!

That’s the way this hidden gem of a place is. It will never cease to be a wonder. The beauty is a fresh breath of air for anyone who wants to explore Sri Lanka.